U.S. Forex Trading Guide

What is different in ZuluTrade U.S.?

ZuluTrade for U.S. residents is designed in accordance to US legislation, aiming to increase investor protection and reduce systemic risk complying with NFA regulation.

Certain aspects of ZuluTrade services are different for clients trading in accordance to U.S. legislation (U.S. residents or holders of Broker accounts collaborating with ZuluTrade U.S.). Please see below for details.

Opening a Real Account

During the registration of your Investor account, you will need to specify the type of trading you wish to perform. Advanced users may select manual and copy-trading, while beginners are strongly recommended to select copy-trading only.

Setting Up Your Account

  • FIFO and non-Hedging Trading

    FIFO and non-Hedging is mandatory for US Investors and Traders.

  • Maximum Number of Traders you may copy

    The maximum number of Traders you may add to your portfolio is 3. To follow more Traders, you will need to open a new Investor account.

  • Follow Traders trading the same currency pairs

    You cannot follow Traders who trade with the same currency pairs as this may cause conflict with the FIFO policy. In case you choose to follow Traders who have selected at least 1 identical currency pair for their strategy, you will be notified online.

  • ZuluGuard Capital Protection

    Each Trader at your portfolio needs to be protected by ZuluGuard™ Capital Protection. Once your allowance is reached, ZuluGuard™ will take action, it will Close all Trader's open positions and Disable the Trader from your portfolio.

Copy-Trading Subscription Package

复制交易是一项付费服务。 对于您添加到投资组合中的每个交易者,您需要购买20美元的定期月度订阅套餐费。

一旦您将交易者添加到您的投资组合中,您的账户将在月末自动收取订阅费用。 您的帐户中对交易者保持启用状态的情况下,订阅金额将在每个后续月份前预先收取。 如果您已禁用或删除交易者,则不会续订,您需要购买新订阅以再次启用交易者。

请注意,月租费根据订阅日期按比例计算 。 例如,如果您在月中添加交易者,则费用为10美元而不是20美元,这是基于我们订阅套餐的固定月费。

Performance Page

Performance Page is different for ZuluTrade US, as not all ZuluTrade Traders are available. In more detail:

Only Traders who adhere to the FIFO and Non-Hedging policy and trade in compliance with the NFA Regulation will be displayed. Any Traders currently added to your Portfolio that are non-compliant with the criteria mentioned above will automatically be disabled in your Portfolio.

Note also that you will still receive update and closing signals for any currently open trades, but no new trades will open from such Traders.

Terms Of Service

ZuluTrade for U.S. residents is operated by ZuluTradeUS, a registered ‘dba’ of STAGE 5 TRADING CORP.